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New gig dates

I have a couple more gigs scheduled.  On this Friday (5th October)  I’m playing an event with Gael Moissonier from France and Hering Und Seine Sieben Sachen.  This is a low key invite-only show, if you know the organisers you can get more details from the facebook page here:

Then on the 12th of November I’m playing at Wharf Chambers with London band Roseanne Barrr and great Leeds group Etai Keshiki.  The facebook event is here.

I’ve also got a few shows coming up with Ashtray Navigations, after our triumphant performance supporting Mik Quantius a week last Sunday.  The new four-piece was really making waves.  Firstly we’re supporting Finnish acts Tomuttontu and Islaja and Helm from London at Wharf Chambers, then we’re playing in Glasgow at the Old Hairdressers on November the 9th, and then we’re back in Leeds for a show at the Fox and Newt on the 14th of November.


Sheepscar CD featured on 96.7 Phoenix FM (Calderdale)

A track from my CD on Sheepscar Light Industrial ‘I Can Remember The Faces Of All The Grebs At My School’ was played on the Crow Versus Crow Radio Show on 96.7 Phoenix FM (Calderdale) on Sunday 5th August.  This is a great experimental music show playing the finest new underground sounds from around the world.  You can listen to all the shows on their blog, the one featuring me is here:

CD out on Sheepscar Light Industrial

  This site hasn’t been updated for a while, as I succumbed to the lure of facebook, but there have been lots of goings on.  My solo 3″ CDr “I Can Remember The Face of All the Grebs At My School” was released by Daniel Thomas’s new Sheepscar Light Industrial label and has been doing the business.  Apparently Dan is out of all his copies, but i have some left.

This culminated in me playing a show at the joint SLI/Styrate Cortex launch party at Wharf Chambers on the 28th July, with accompaniment from Phil Todd from Ashtray Navigations.  Idwal Fisher blog reviewed the night here:

I’ve been giving Ocelocelot a few live outings over the past year, with a whole new set that I’ve worked out.  First was at Pete Cann’s alldayer in Leeds on the 24th March, which was covered by Radio Free Midwich:

Another show supporting Acrid Lactations from Glasgow and Chastity Potatoe from Manchester took place on the 19th July.

I played at Bang the Bore XI: Psychobabble in Southampton at the John Hansard Gallery which was a great experience, and I got to present my performance based on Terry Smith’s Parallax exhibition. All the other acts were really fantastic too, especially After The Rain and Xenis Emputee Travelling Band.  I also performed this piece at St Margaret’s Church in Manchester, which was a Tubers Music promotion.  Tubers asked me back to Manchester on 8th April supporting Sewn Leather and Dracula Lewis at the Bayhorse.

Aside from that I’ve got in a lot of time playing in Phil Todd’s Ashtray Navigations in Hebden Bridge and  Leeds and in our collaboration project Human Combustion Engine. We had Human Combustion Engine ‘V’ released by Total Vermin earlier this year.  The new HCE recording has just been finished and is due to be released by US label Ilse sometime soon.

New Works

These are the new tracks I’ve been working on, manipulating a voice synthesizer and using clarinet and an EWI 4000S (In case you don’t know, this is an amazing instrument which is a breath controlled electronic instrument, and can also be used to control synthesizers via MIDI). I hooked the EWI up to Dave Smith’s Evolver.   The sentences are ones I arrived at through wordplay and some taken from news stories.

Hundreds of Eggs

Acetate Cream Dream

I Can Remember the Faces of All the Grebs at my School

Apple on Your Windshield

What is Known About a Man who Stalked the Streets Attacking Lone Women?

I Will be Performing in Southampton at Psychobabble 17th December

Welcome to the blog of M. O’D.

Hi there,

this is the blog of musician and artist Mel O’Dubhshlaine, creator of music under the name Ocelocelot and sometime member of Ashtray Navigations. This is a page where I’ll be putting up my solo music and artwork over the coming weeks.  I’ll also be posting info about gigs I’m doing.

Hope you like what you see and hear, keep checking back for updates.

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