Reviews of recordings

“‘Grebs’ contains tracks that range in length from seventeen seconds to two minutes and nine seconds and with the tracks flying past you at a not inconsiderable rate of knots the sounds of parping, randomly played synth keys and computers talking to each other become even more surreal than if they were lengthier tracks on a lengthier format. Track titles like ‘But What Is Known About The Man Who Stalked The Street Attacking Lone Women’ further add to the all round ‘what the fuck’ quality. Apparently O’Dubhslaine has been experimenting with an electronic instrument that manipulates breath flow the results of which are the most remarkable I’ve heard from her. Quite unclassifiable and going so far as to subvert the style of the label by containing so many tracks that an insert has to be issued.” Idwal Fisher blog

Live reviews

“Melanie O’Dubhslaine’s performance at Bang the Bore XI: Psychobabble encoded Terry Smith’s text, ‘How to Describe Something Which Does Not Exist Yet’, into a voice synthesizer program, disfigured the results via manipulating the parameters and used it as the basis for extended improvisations on electronic and acoustic reed instruments. It was a typically thoughtful yet bloody-minded set: an idiom unto itself, carefully crafted but refusing to be assessed on any terms but its own.” Bang the Bore website

“[Her] set was my favourite of the night.  With [Phil Todd] accompanying her on some kind of electro-bongo gadget they whipped out a bunch of delicate but powerful, arhythmical future-jazz using space instruments… from the future!  This was similar in style to Mel’s release on SLI, was gloriously left-field” Radio Free Midwich review of Victorian Electronics/Sheepscar Light Industrial record launch night

“This bringing together of curious instruments produced sounds that put me in mind of the soundtracks to freaky avant garde 50’s sci-fi films [none of which I can recall or am even sure exist but you get my drift]. All very angular, space jazzy and a complete and welcome surprise. Short, very short bursts of angular frot that has been compared in delivery to the best bits of ‘A Sucked Orange’.” Idwal Fisher blog