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unreleased Ocelocelot track featured on Chrononautz exclusive mix

This Chrononautz mix has just been posted on Electronic Explorations, to which I donated an unreleased Ocelocelot track.  Thanks guys!  Loads of great stuff on here, hope you enjoy!

Deformed Vowels featured on Boomkat’s recommendations!

So pleased to have been recommended by Boomkat for their new releases for 9th July!

Deformed Vowels LP out now


After a long wait, the LPs have turned up! They’re being distributed through Cargo, thanks to Nick at Goldenlab, so look out for them at your favourite independent online distro.   Nick should have some copies soon, or they’re available through the Memoirs of an Aesthete bandcamp.

Review of Reactor Halls: Cables event

There’s a great review of Reactor Halls E14: Cables by Marlo Eggplant and Benjamin Hallatt on the Radio Free Midwich blog.  Ben wrote that my performance ‘It is interesting work that makes you think.’  Aw, thanks Ben!  Thanks to Pieter for the lovely pictures too and him and Murray for inviting me to play.  It was a fab day.

Review of Crater Lake Festival on Idwal Fisher

Idwal Fisher has blasted out his responses to the insane day that was Crater Lake 2015 in mega quick time.  The turnout blew me away, with people coming from far and wide.  About my set Mr Idwal said “At around 3.30pm Mel O’Dubshlaine began talking in to a small microphone manipulating her voice via god knows what so that what emerged from the speakers were broken fragments, not Norman Collier meets Jaap Blonk but disembodied voices, ghostly appearances. When Phil Todd joined in on something that looked like a futuristic tambourine the whole thing went kind of spacey.”

You can read the whole thing here:

Plus thanks to Agata Urbaniak for taking some real nice photos of me and Phil performing.  You can view them all here.

Wow! Grebs… played by Henry Rollins!

Henry Rollins played the track ‘Never Mind the Punk, It’s Bollocks’ on his radio show this week! Thanks so much Mr R! I think there might be a way to listen again to it here, not sure.  His show is always worth a listen anyway, he has great taste in music.

A few gigs coming up and updates

Well, Looks like shaping up to be a busy year, aside from the Ashtray activity.  I’ve got 3 midwinter festivals lined up in 2 months!

Firstly I’ll be appecable_rammel_5_FINAAL_POSTER_KLEURaring in Nottingham at the Reactor: Cables festival at Primary on the 28th February, alongside other artists doing wirey cabley things such as Marlo Eggplant (USA), Phantom Chips (Australia), Dale Cornish, Phil Julian and John Macedo.  You can book tickets from the facebook event page here.

Then on the 7th March it’s a welcome return for me to Crater Lake, playing Pete Cann’s now infamous birthday bash.  This year Pete has secured a stellar lineup which I’m proud to share a bill with, such as Dylan Nyoukis duetting with Kieron Piercy, Rudolf Ebler of Runzelstern and Gurglestock note,and a rare appearance from Andy Bolus in his Evil Moisture guise.  Only 5 pounds for the day, it must be a bargain!More details here:


Really looking forward to to be heading up the the great city of Glasgow with The marvelous Family Elan on the 21st March to play at Mega Hair, celebrating 5 years of events at the Old Hairdressers.  I’ll be doing 2 sets, one earlier in the day solo and another at night as Ashtray.


mega hair

Sines and Squares Festival 2014 Salford

I am very proud to have been accepted for the Sines and Squares conference on analogue electronics and modular synthesis.  I will be presenting an excerpt from Deformed Vowels at Islington Mill in Salford on the 26th October.  There’ll also be analogue synth workshops and presentations, looks like being really exciting.

Tickets available for various events here.

Review of Knurr and Spell Compilation in Sound Projector

Nice review here by Ed Pinsent of the Knurr and Spell – Being Psychedelic Sounds from Yorkshire compilation featuring a track by me playing as Ocelocelot.

Still copies available at memoirs of an aesthete bandcamp.

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